Managing Sickness and Absence (e-Learning)

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This Online Managing Sickness and Absence E-Learning course is aimed at employees in management or leadership positions that need to be confident in their knowledge of managing sickness and absences from fellow employees.


Course Description

Employee absence can be costly in terms of both lost time and money. It impacts businesses, managers, and colleagues in ways that range from them having to take on extra work or undertake additional training to experiencing additional stress and a drop in morale.

This Online Managing Sickness and Absence E-Learning course will help you to understand the different types of absence and Identify ways of measuring absence. The Managing Sickness and Absence online course covers why you should complete return-to-work forms and how to conduct effective return-to-work meetings. The Managing Sickness and Absence course finishes off by explaining the formal processes involved in managing absence and how to apply appropriate policies.

Course Duration

This course is delivered via our online learning platform and will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.


When undertaking this course it is recommended that learners have sufficient command of the English language in order to complete the course.

Course Content

This course covers a range of content including:

  • The Costs and Impact of Employee Absence
  • Measuring and Managing Employee Absence
  • Legislation, Processes, and Pay

Technical Requirements

This course is delivered by e-learning. We would therefore recommend that you access this course on a desktop or laptop to access your course.

Certificate and Validity

Upon completion of the course candidates will receive a certificate which is available as a PDF (Portable Document Format).

Managing Sickness and Absence (e-Learning)


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