Joining Instructions – Online Courses

Joining Instructions
Online Learning Courses

Thank you for choosing Medline Consultancy Limited for your online course(s). 

We currently offer over over 150 courses through our Training Academy with just over 50 courses just as e-Learning courses, we also offer many of our courses as Blended Learning. We hope you have a good experience of Medline Consultancy Limited throughout your training and you find your course both informative and useful. We are pleased to include the joining instructions to support you as you start your e-learning journey.

Registration Information

Shortly after you have purchased your e-Learning course(s) or a course which has a blended learning component you will receive your log in details. These will be sent separately to your receipt so please make sure you check your SPAM folder.

Please note: These are manually generated within the Virtual Learning Platform so please bear with our team whilst these are generated. If you have not received these within 24 hours of you placing your order you should contact our team either by telephone: 0330 118 0480 or by emailing 

Technology Requirements

To access your course whilst we recommend you use either a laptop or desktop computer all of our e-Learning and Blended Learning courses are suitable for use on your smartphone or tablet. This is particularly useful for learners who are ‘on the go’, or who work in environments where desktop computers are not available.

When accessing your e-learning course on a desktop or laptop we would recommend that you use the browser such as Microsoft Edge or Chrome. However we would recommend the following system requirements:

Up to date web browser such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Firefox.

Up to date video drivers.

1Gb+ RAM

Download Speed
Broadband (3mb+)

Where possible we would advise Learners to use Wi-Fi or a wired internet connection rather than mobile data to ensure the best learning experience.

You should also check the speakers on your device to ensure that these are working.

If you find it more comfortable you should also use headphones, particularly if working in a busy environment to ensure you can hear the content.

Any Questions, Difficulties or Concerns?

We hope you have a great experience of our training academy. Should you have any questions, difficulties or concerns whilst studying please do get in touch with our helpful office team either on 0330 118 0480 or via emailing