Joining Instructions – Face to Face Courses

Joining Instructions
Face to Face Courses

Thank you for choosing Medline Consultancy Limited as your training course provider for your upcoming course(s). 

We currently offer over over 150 courses through our Training Academy with just over 50 courses just as e-Learning courses, we also offer many of our courses as Blended Learning. We hope you have a good experience of Medline Consultancy Limited throughout your training and you find your course both informative and useful. We are pleased to include the joining instructions to support you as you start your course.

Prior to your course.

Prior to attending your course with Medline Consultancy Limited you should have received an email with your joining instructions as well as any specific information for your course which will also confirm which one of our training venues will be the venue of your course.

We would politely ask that you please take the time to read the below information. 

On the day of your course.

Arrival Information

On the day of your course, Learners are requested to arrive at the course venue 30 minutes prior to the course. Upon arrival you will be welcomed by your course trainer and welcomed to the venue.

Arriving to the course 30 minutes early enables your Instructor to complete the relevant pre-course paperwork and complete the ID check ahead of the start of the course. This also allows you time to be settle prior to the course and allows the course to start promptly.

However we recognise that there will be occasions that you may arrive late to the course for reasons which are outside of your control.
If for any reason you are going to be late to your course, please do get in touch with us via 0330 118 0480 or 07764 424237. 

Whilst we will accommodate where possible late arrivals within 30 minutes of the advertised start time of the course, However, unfortunately it may not always be possible to accommodate late arrivals due to the contact hours and course requirements.


We currently operate from a number of training venues across the Country. You will receive an email prior to your course which will confirm the venue your course will take place. If you are unsure please contact our helpful team. Further information on our venues including information such as disabled access, parking and train travel can be found here.


Upon attending your course with Medline Consultancy Limited learners are required to provide identification. This is applicable for all leaners who are over the age of 14 years old. This will be checked by your Instructor.

Learners should produce at least 1 form of photographic identification, however should photographic identification not be available, in accordance with our awarding body requirements then we would be able to accept two forms of non photographic identification. The accepted list of identification is outlined below.

If you are unable to produce Identification then you will not be able to complete your course or receive your qualification.

Acceptable forms of photographic I.D (1 required) are:

  • Signed UK or EEA photocard driving licence
  • Signed passport (any nationality)
  • Valid EEA Member state photo identity card
  • SIA security licence (with photo)
  • Current and valid warrant card issued by HM forces or Police (with photo)
  • Current and valid Prison service card (with photo)
  • Proof of age card
  • Employee photo identification card
  • Firearms license (with photo)

Acceptable forms of non-photographic I.D (2 required) are:

  • Current driving license – paper version
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage/civil partnership certificate
  • Mortgage statement (issued within past 12 months)
  • Bank or building society statement (issued within last 3 months)
  • Bank or building society account opening confirmation letter (issued within last 3 months)
  • Credit card statement (issued within last 3 months)
  • Pension or endowment financial statement (issued within last 12 months)
  • P45 or P60 statement (issued within last 12 months)
  • Council tax statement (issued within last 12 months)
  • Valid work permit or visa issue by UK government
  • Utility bill – excluding mobile phone bill (issued within last 3 months)
  • Benefit statement e.g. child benefit, pension (issued within last 3 months


We would ask that when you attend one of our courses that you please wear suitable clothing. Many of our face to face or blended learning courses are either practical based or have a practical element.

We would therefore ask that you wear clothing which you do not mind getting dirty or doing practical sessions in. We would politely ask that you please do not wear any clothing which can be ‘seen up, through or down’ such as leggings, short skirts, loose fitting tops etc as this may cause you or someone around you embarrassment. We would also ask that you wear suitable shoes such as trainers which have your toes covered and avoid heels or open toe footwear.

For some of our courses such as the First Responder, First Person on Scene or Outdoor First Aid courses for example we may undertake training scenarios outside. You will therefore need to ensure that you are wearing suitable clothing for outdoor activities and bring with you a waterproof coat and trousers.

Refreshments and Lunch

Throughout the course of the day we will provide you with refreshments such as Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and biscuits.

There are also a number of shops within a short walk of our Water Orton and Knutsford venues or a short drive from our Tamworth venue for you to purchase food during your lunch break, however we would advise that you bring food with you.

At each of our venues there will be suitable facilities (Microwave) to warm any food up.

Reasonable Adjustments

Medline Consultancy Limited through working with our awarding organisations are committed to providing all learners with an equal opportunity to achieve qualifications through the provision of alternative assessment arrangements where necessary. We would ask that should you require any reasonable adjustments please contact our team to discuss at the earliest opportunity prior to attending your course.

Any Questions, Difficulties or Concerns?

We hope you have a great experience of our training academy. Should you have any questions, difficulties or concerns whilst studying please do get in touch with our helpful office team either on 0330 118 0480 or via emailing