Project Management (e-Learning)

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This Online Project Management E-Learning course is aimed at all leaders and managers by introducing the basic principles of project management and covers some of the tools and techniques you can employ to improve your project management skills.


Course Description

The effective management of projects is an essential skill in many workplaces. Correct control of stages and different aspects of projects helps to increase the chances of projects being successful.

There are many tools and approaches to managing projects, from a simple ‘to do’ list, to complex methodologies.

When a project is managed correctly, it ensures that there’s a sound business reason for undertaking the project, that it’s clear who’s involved in delivering the project, what the expected outcomes are and how resources and risks will be managed throughout the project.

When it’s done poorly, the project can suffer from feature creep, delays, go over budget or not get finished at all.

This online Project Management E-Learning course covers some of the common project management methodologies, setting goals and actually achieving them, identifying the need for a project to be started, using key project management tools and much more.

Course Duration

This course is delivered via our online learning platform and will take approximately 90 minutes to complete.


When undertaking this course it is recommended that learners have sufficient command of the English language in order to complete the course.

Course Content

This course covers a range of content including:

  • Introducing Project Management
  • Terminology and Project Lifestyle
  • Identifying Needs, Project Aims and Objectives
  • Project Aims, Objectives and Initiation
  • Gantt Charts, Budgets, Risks and Issues
  • Monitoring Change, Stakeholders and Terminology

Technical Requirements

This course is delivered by e-learning. We would therefore recommend that you access this course on a desktop or laptop to access your course.

Certificate and Validity

Upon completion of the course candidates will receive a certificate which is available as a PDF (Portable Document Format).

Project Management (e-Learning)


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