Essentials of Minor Illness Course

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Course Description

We are pleased to introduce our Essentials of Minor Injuries course which is suitable for all staff from a variety of settings including Pre-Hospital Care, Emergency Departments, Minor Injuries Units, Urgent Treatment Centres, Primary Care or Out of Hours Providers. This course will introduce candidates to the skills and knowledge required to undertake the assessment and management of minor injuries within their role.

Entry Requirements

This course is suitable for the following clinical grades.

  • First Responders & above.
  • Associate Ambulance Practitioners (AAP) & trainees,
  • Ambulance technicians/Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT),
  • Emergency care assistants (ECA),
  • Emergency Care Support Workers (ECSW),
  • Operating Department Practitioners (ODP),
  • Year 1 student healthcare professionals (including Student Nurses, Student Paramedics, Student Midwives, Student Physiotherapists etc)
  • Registered Healthcare Professionals (i.e. you have a current GMC, NMC, GPHC, HCPC or GDC Pin number).

For all other clinical grades please contact us in the first instance to check your eligibility.

Course Content

This course covers a range of content including:

  • Principles of Examination and History Taking.
  • Assessment, Examination and Management of common Ears, Nose and Throat conditions
  • Assessment, Examination and Management of common Respiratory conditions
  • Assessment, Examination and Management of common Gastrointestinal conditions
  • Assessment, Examination and Management of common Skin infections
  • Assessment, Examination and Management of common Eye complaints

Course Duration

This course is delivered as a blended course with e-learning prior to attending the face to face element which will be delivered over the course over the course of a full day.

*For enhanced quality assurance, it is strongly recommended that the eLearning module is completed prior to the practical face to face training day to ensure that learners have the opportunity to ask their trainer any questions about what they have learned and so that the trainer can test learners’ knowledge in the classroom

Course Assessment

There is no assessment for this course, however participants are expected to participate throughout the course. This course is an attendance only course

Certificate and Validity

A Certificate of Attendance will be issued following your attendance at this course.

Note: Completion of this course does not constitute a “licence to practice”. While the course will give you the skills required to manage and assess minor injuries, it is down to your employer (i.e. the organisation that you wish to use these skills within) to ensure they have the correct governance and insurances in place for you to undertake this as part of your role. This course has however been widely recognised by a number of employers across the NHS and Private and Independent Sectors. 

Essentials of Minor Illness Course