Tegaderm™ IV Dressing with Securing Tape – Sterile – Individual

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Product Specification

This oval-shaped dressing is specifically indicated for both jugular and subclavian insertions of central venous catheters. Easy ‘no tension’ application is achieved with the unique frame-delivery system. A deep notch and additional sterile tape strips ensure secure and comfortable catheter fixation. The transparent film over the insertion site allows skin and site monitoring and two sterile soft cloth tape strips help to anchor catheter and infusion lines. Suitable for use with bulky multi-lumen catheters. Waterproof to protect against external contamination. This product and package do not contain natural rubber latex.

Available Individually or as bulk quantities as either a Box of 25, Box of 50 or a Box of 100.

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Tegaderm™ IV Dressing with Securing Tape – Sterile – Individual