Independent Prescribing for Paramedics

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“We have flagged this as essential reading for paramedics undertaking our NMP programme. It is an excellent balance of legal and ethical considerations, theoretical pharmacology, clinical application and wider context. This results in this text providing a genuinely holistic approach to this area of knowledge. The book is written clearly and simply also making it invaluable for our undergraduate paramedic students when studying the level 6 Clinical Pharmacology for Paramedic Science module (this will also be essential reading for this module in year 3). As far as I am concerned this book is an absolute must!” Sarah Christopher, Programme Lead for Paramedic Sciences – University of Lincoln

This book has a good cross-sectional approach of the subject matter which reflects our professional role. Furthermore, I found the text to be intuitive to emerging personal questions, which were often supported by case studies. This was a stimulating read. Allan Sunderland, Paramedic Lecturer, University of Bedfordshire, UK

Independent prescribing is intended to support and enhance the overall delivery of care to patients within a wide range of circumstances. The devolution of prescribing from medical practitioners has been in place for several years, and in 2018, legislation was passed in the UK allowing for paramedics to also undertake training to become independent prescribers. Independent prescribing is now carried out by those paramedics who are practising at an advanced level and have a role in clinical practice for which prescribing is a benefit to patient care.

This book is the first guide on independent prescribing for paramedics reflecting the 2018 legislation. Bringing together a range of specialist authors, the book supports the College of Paramedics’ practice guidance and also covers the theoretical knowledge and context associated with independent prescribing. It will appeal to any paramedic working at an advanced level with an interest in independent prescribing as well as senior student paramedics who are interested in further development post-registration.

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Independent Prescribing for Paramedics

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