Level 2 Food Hygiene – Retail (Online)

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This version of Level 2 Food Hygiene is suitable for anyone handling food in a retail environment. This includes shop assistants, stock controllers and delivery staff.


Course Description

This Level 2 course teaches the essentials of food safety and is suitable for all workers who handle, prepare and serve food. The course covers the legal responsibilities of workers within a food environment, and comprehensively addresses food safety threats and the good practice required to minimise them. It is suitable for anyone working with food in a retail environment, including shop assistants, stock controllers and delivery staff.

Course Content

This course covers a range of content including:

  • Food Safety Law
  • Microbiological hazards
  • Defining food poisoning
  • Controlling food poisoning
  • Spoiling and preservation
  • Physical hazards, chemical hazards and allergens
  • Personal hygiene
  • HACCP and storage
  • Premises and equipment
  • Food pests
  • Cleaning and disinfection.

Course Duration

This course is delivered online and can be completed flexibly around your work and home commitments. Learners should aim to complete this course however within 9 months.

Course Assessment

Learners will be required to undertake a 30 question multiple question examination. Please do not worry if you are unsuccessful at this on your first sitting, you will be able to take this examination again at no extra cost.

Certificate and Validity

Once you have completed and passed this course you can download and/or print your certificate. A copy of your pass certificate will always be available in your learner admin area.

Level 2 Food Hygiene – Retail (Online)