CoolTherm Burn Dressings 5cm x 15cm

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Product Description

The perfect rectangle. Wrists, knees, lower calf, foot, forearm; there are literally innumerable uses for this very practical size. Some burns by their nature, result from a hot liquid or toxic chemical, that very quickly runs down or around the skin. Whether you are dealing with a linear, or a circumference burn, this CoolTherm Dressing with a length three times its own width, is perfectly tailored to deal with injuries like these.

Product Specification

  • Sterile trauma hydrogel burn dressing.
  • Substantial non-woven dressing.
  • Minimises trauma and skin damage.
  • Non-adherent to burnt skin.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Conformable to enable treatment of the entire burn.
  • Benchmarked to the accepted industry standard, with over 20 years safe use.
CoolTherm Burn Dressings 5cm x 15cm