Burns First Aid Kit in Stockholm Bag

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Product Description

When not treated rapidly and effectively, burns will continue damaging the skin after the heat source has been removed, and the consequences multiply by the second.

The development of highly specialised gel-soaked dressings has made it possible to halt the damaging effect of a burn in its tracks, even where no water is available.

Filled with BurnSoothe dressings and gels, this kit is not simply a kitchen essential, but an absolute must wherever burns present a hazard. Designed for immediate deployment in an emergency, the feature-packed carry bag contains fast and effective treatments for burns and scalds in the workplace or at home.

Product Specification

  • Essential emergency burn treatment.
  • Red soft material bag.
  • Multiple compartments, fully zipped.
  • Ideal in kitchen, canteen, bakery.

Product Contents

  • 3 Bandages, Conforming 7.5cm x 4m
  • 1 Burn Gel, Bottle 125ml
  • 8 Burn Gel, Sachets 3.5g
  • 1 Dressing, Burn 20cm x 20cm
  • 2 Dressings, Burn 10cm x 10cm
  • 2 Dressings, Burn 5cm x 15cm
  • 1 Gloves, Pair
  • 1 Guidance Leaflet
  • 1 Shears


Burns First Aid Kit in Stockholm Bag