Suctionlite™ Suction Pump – Single

£19.95 Exc. VAT


Product Specification

  • Lightweight, compact, quick, safe and effective form of immediate oral suction.
  • Double valve system promotes continuous operation with one hand.
  • Supplied with Adult and Paediatric Suction Catheters.
  • Compact form with catheter pushed into the suction bulb.
  •  Ziplock bag provided as biohazard container for storage after use.
  • Red indication ring to clearly advise when the catheter is fully extended.
  • Atraumatic tip with both Adult and Paediatric Catheters supplied as standard.
  • Suctionlite provides a vacuum force of approximately 100mmHg.
  • Fluid capacity: 1 litre.

Bulk Purchase

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Suctionlite™ Suction Pump – Single