Safeguarding Adults – Level 2

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Course Overview


Learning Objectives

The learner will in addition to the Safeguarding Adults (Level One) learning objectives;

  • understand what constitutes harm, abuse and neglect and be able to identify any signs of harm, abuse or neglect
  • Be able to ensure effective advocacy is provided where required (for example where there are mental capacity or communication issues, in line with the legislation and professional guidance)
  • Be able to identify your professional role, responsibilities, and professional boundaries and those of your colleagues in a multidisciplinary team and multi-agency setting
  • Know how and when to refer to social care in accordance with organisational policies if you have identified an adult safeguarding concern
  • Be able to document safeguarding concerns in a format that informs the relevant staff and agencies appropriately
  • Know how to maintain appropriate records including being able differentiate between fact and opinion
  • Be able to identify the appropriate and relevant information and how to share it with other teams
  • Understand key statutory and non-statutory guidance and legislation including Human Rights Act and mental capacity legislation in country of practice
  • Be aware of the risk factors for radicalisation and know who to contact regarding preventive action and supporting those persons who may be at risk of, or are being drawn into, terrorist related activity.

Proposed Refresher Period

  • It is recommended that staff whom require the Level 2 Safeguarding Adults undertake appropriate refresher training at an interval of no longer than every year 3.
Safeguarding Adults – Level 2