Reflex One Skin Stapler – 35 Staples (Box of 6)

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Product Specification

  • Filter – HMEF and Extendable Catheter Mount, Combination Kit.(each/single unit), excellent filter and moisture return ,
  • Moisture return 30.6mg H2O/l
  • Bacterial and viral filtration efficiency >99.99%
  • Resistance at 30L/min 1.4cm H2O
  • Resistance at 60L/min 3.8cm H2O
  • Compressible volume 90-113ml
  • Weight 50g
  • Connectors 22F/15M-22M/15F
  • Minimum tidal volume 200ml

Bulk Purchasing

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Reflex One Skin Stapler – 35 Staples (Box of 6)