G3 Intravenous Cell

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Product Overview

For an EMS I.V.Bag, this foam moulded book style design helps keep IV therapies organized and at your fingertips. Drip sets, IV ba g(s), catheters, needles and StartKits™ are neatly arranged for fast access. It doubles as a pressure bag for rapid fluid infusion.

This Intravenous Cell is considered to be one half cell in the StatPacks Third Generation Cellular System. Each Cell sets the stage for clear thinking and quick reaction. They are designed to reveal your supplies in a way unique to StatPacks – intuitively grouped and securely protected. G3 Cells unfold to expose all your vital supplies at once and puts away just as quickly.

Product Dimensions

Dimensions: 12.5″x 7″x 6″
Weight: 1.5lbs

Available Colours:

This product is available in Green.

G3 Intravenous Cell