AMLS: Advanced Medical Life Support, UK Edition

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Advanced Medical Life Support (AMLS) is the leading course for prehospital practitioners in advanced medical assessment and treatment of commonly encountered medical conditions.

Taught throughout the world since 1999, AMLS was the first EMS education program that fully addressed how to best manage patients in medical crises. This brand new, UK-localised version of AMLS has been thoroughly reviewed to ensure its accuracy and relevance to the UK market. As paramedics are continuously playing an ever-increasing role in the recognition and management of a wide range of patient conditions, this course is perfectly aligned to the development of the paramedic role in the UK.

As the only textbook approved for use by NAEMT’s Advanced Medical Life Support course, AMLS emphasises the use of the revised AMLS Assessment Pathway, the most important guide for assessing patients with medical conditions.

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Type: Paperback or eBook
Edition: Second
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
ISBN-13: 9781284148879
Published date: 2018-04-28
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AMLS: Advanced Medical Life Support, UK Edition

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